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About Us

Bubbles&Bark is a new Dog Grooming salon in Willenhall Market Place. We offer a wide range of grooming services, as well as a drop off daycare service.

Bubbles&Bark is run by Emma, a dog enthusiast who has over 5 years experience working with dogs, Working in kennels, groomers & as a dog trainer. She trained to become a groomer in London and also has two animal care qualifications, as well as a canine first aid certificate.

Bubbles & Bark is a cage free, stress-free environment. Daycare dogs, dogs waiting to be groomed or to be picked up will have freedom of the shop, allowing them to explore their surroundings and get used to us and the are rather than being locked up in a crate while waiting.


Grooming at Bubbles & Bark is all about getting it right for your pet. We understand that every dog is different, whether it be breed, size & coat. We work with our customers to gain a strong understanding of exactly what you want!

  • We have a range of services available, such as;
  • Full Grooms: This includes a bath & dry, scissoring & clipping, full de-shed, nail clipping, teeth cleaning & ear cleaning
  • Bath & Dry: Includes a bath, dry & nail clipping
  • Puppy Introductions: Puppies having their first groom will get a puppy groom. This session will mainly be introducing your puppy to grooming, so they don’t get too worried about the equipment!
  • Nail Clipping is included in each groom, or you can just come in & get them done without an appointment. Ear & Teeth cleaning can be added to a groom, or can also be done as a walk-in.

Prices can depend on the size of your dog, give us a call & We’ll give you the best estimate we can!


Our daycare is there for you to use if you don’t have time to get your dog off at the groomers! Drop them off at 8:30 am & pick them up at 5:30 pm! This gives your dog the opportunity to socialise with other dogs & people while your not home! Daycare is a set price of £10 for a full day, or £5 for half a day. If your dog gets fed during the hours left with us, please bring along their food!

Bubbles & Bark is at 2 cross street, Willenhall Market Place, WV13 1PG.
So to book in, and also receive 10% off your first full groom, contact us by;
Call/Text: 07914344887
or find us on Facebook & Instagram @bubblesnbark

Bubbles & Bark

Contact Us

Bubbles & Bark
2 cross street,
Willenhall Market Place
WV13 1PG

Phone: 07914344887
Instagram: @bubblesnbark