Hello! Bubbles & Bark is a Dog Groomers located in Willenhall Market Place. Here we offer a wide range of grooming services, specific for each breed!

Bubbles & Bark is a family run business, primarily run & owned by Emma, a dog enthusiast with over 6 years of experience with dogs. Before moving to Willenhall in 2016, she lived in London & worked in various kennels, including those of the RGT, Guide Dog Association & RSPCA, and she was a dog trainer for 3 years, mainly focusing on puppy classes. Whilst working with dogs she was training & gaining qualifications in Animal Care & Dog Grooming, and also has a certificate in Canine First Aid, so your dogs are in experienced & safe hands!

Bubbles & Bark is a cage free, stress-free environment. We love this way of working as it allows your dog to explore our scenery, get a scent of the area & all the other dogs that pass through. It also lets your dog learn that grooming can be fun, as after they are off the table they can run around & play to there hearts content – or jump on our laps for cuddles, whichever they prefer!


Grooming at Bubbles & Bark is all about getting it right for your pet. We understand that every dog is different, whether it be breed, size & coat. We work with our customers to gain a strong understanding of exactly what you want! We have a range of services available, such as;

  • Full Grooms: This is the full deal. Dogs get a full pamper than includes: A Double wash – for an extra clean pooch, a blow dry, a cut, styled with scissors or clipped with clippers – or for short hairs a full deshed treatment. Includes nail clipping & ear cleaning, and an optional spray of perfume/cologne to finish it off! Prices – £20+
  • Bath & Dry: Simple, yet often necessary. Dogs get a double wash and a blow dry, finished with a nail clip & cologne. Prices – £10+
  • Maintenance Grooms: These are for those times inbetween grooms when your pups feet are getting extra mucky or there finding it hard to see through the fur. This treatment includes – Double bath & Blow Dry,  a feet, face & bum tidy, and as always a nail clip & cologne. Prices – £15+
  • Puppy Introductions: Puppies left until after 6 months for there first groom can find the experience truly terrifying. So to help this we offer a Puppy Introduction. This includes a bath in a gentle puppy shampoo, and a feet face & bum tidy. We encourage people to get them done asap, our ages start at 2 months & end at 6 months, with prices ranging from just £10-£20, and that includes 3 FREE 15 minute sessions to use up to 6 weeks after the pups initial groom to get them used to our equipment.
  • Nail Clipping, Ear Cleaning & Teeth Cleaning are the three options we give for walk ins. £5 Each, £7.50 for 2 or £12.50 for all three

Prices can depend on the size, weight, breed & coat condition of your dog, give us a call & We’ll give you the best estimate we can!

Bubbles & Bark

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